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Discover the Digital Direction for your Brand with Digitants!

We engage in the digital matrix with a suite of deliverables designed integrating the core principles of digital marketing which are defined through 3 major media touch points – owned, earned, and paid. From Websites to SEO and PPC to Social Media; your business will receive a digital transformation aided by marketing campaigns that yield wondrous results across all owned, earned, and paid mediums.


From making the right moves for a unique digital brand identity to securing a favourite spot in the customer’s mind, your brand will be well taken care of with the dynamic digital strategies we devise. Our strategy team works with you to understand your business objectives and set achievable web goals for the project we undertake. Once the target goal is defined, we develop & execute workable web strategies using one or all web mediums innovatively to achieve the said business objectives for you. Customer Centric is the Mantra we follow!!

Content Marketing

Want to engage in a deep dialogue with your customer? Let our content team help you with that. We create unique brand stories, not verbal jugglery. Our editorial team crafts the narrative and creates finest building blocks to tell your brand’s story that people want to like, love, and interact with.


Our SEO team focuses their efforts on augmenting the unique online content in sync with the brand story to generate business for your brand. Employing prime keywords and deriving effective strategies, they ensure that your website is indeed in Google’s good books.


Our PPC experts nurture creative campaigns that maximise your ROI by boosting conversions and reducing costs. Right Understanding of your target audience, we’ll ensure that your ads are shown to the prospective audience in the suitable medium at the opportune time

Social Media

Identifying the right social media platforms where your target audience thrives and interact, we address them the message filled with your brand’s identity and values to ignite the brand emotions in order to achieve the objective of putting the brand on Top Of The Mind of Customer.


Redefining brand values with rational narrations, Digitants’ eagle eyes guard your reputation in the online community. We establish a seamless communication with the customer by monitoring, listening and interacting with them and ensures that feedbacks are routed to the brand for a better understanding of what the consumer looks in from them.

Viral Videos

Momentary or enduring, viral rules the cyber lingo! We do the study on relevance, audience and medium on creating an immersive experience for your customer and creates a perfect blend of what that makes people think, understand and recall. That’s it, you go Viral!!

Email Marketing

Regardless of various developments and innovations in technology, email marketing is still one of the effective ways to connect with people. Keeping that in mind, we help create custom-built email marketing strategies that provide new leads and helps your sales team for new client additions

Web Analytics

While your brand grows creating countless experiences, we optimise campaigns in near real time with constant tracking and analysis. With robust analytical tools that provide accurate data through digital and traditional measurement techniques, we look to prove the effectiveness of social thinking in driving business results.

Websites/ Microsites/ Landing pages

We will help you conceptualise the creative palette to showcase your brand story in the way you love to narrate. Be it a UI-centric landing page or a brief microsite, our experts will design web themes aligned to your business objective with the right sense of creativity.

Believe us, when you engage with Digitants, you’ll be working with few of the brightest minds in the industry – individuals who live and breathe digital in its entirety